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Break/Beach Name : Coney beach

Surf Report for Coney beach

Description :
left and right works best at high tide but local restbay needs to be at 5ft or so for coney to work but good for longboarders.
Directions :
These directions will also take u to restbay-Leave M4 motorway at Junction 37, and take A4229. (This bears of left and south westerly from the M4 for traffic coming from the east, but traffic coming from the west will have to go under the underpass. 2) At first roundabout on A4229 take exit marked A4229, and loop south and eastward of Cornelly village to next roundabout east of the village, and follow A4229 away eastwards from this roundabout junction. 3) Travel east along A4229 for about 2 miles, following the road as it swings south and down to the next roundabout. 4) At this roundabout take the exit that goes west up a little hill to NOTTAGE. At the top of the little hill turn left on to FULMAR ROAD. 5) Follow Fulmar Road south westwards for about a mile to its end, then a left turn back eastwards into MALLARD WAY. 6) Going eastward along Mallard Way you will see houses on your left, an open common on your right stretching down to the sea. You will come to a hairpin bend junction, at which you should make the hairpin turn back up north westwards up WEST DRIVE and across the common. 7) Crossing the common, with the sea out to your left, you will see the big house at the end of the road. This is the REST CONVALESCENT HOME, the venue for our meeting. 8) Drive up the driveway to the front of the house, and park in the ample car park. 9) Enter by the front entrance. The meeting will be held in the first room on the left (unless otherwise directed). 10) COFFEE AND TEA will be brought in after the meeting. OVERNIGHT STAY: Check out the WESTCLIFFE HOTEL on the ESPLANADE in Porthcawl for B & B. The telephone number is: 01656 782 526. HELPLINE TELEPHONE CONTACT NUMBERS: Mrs. Beaton on 01656 786 072 Hugh L. Williams on 01455 55 4028 Rev. Angus Stewart on 028 2589 1851 MAP
Direction Beach Faces :
Offshore Wind Direction :
Best Swell Direction :
North West
Quality :
Best Tide :

Location :

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3 Day Surf and Weather Forecast for Coney beach

Surf :
Period :
Direction :

Surf :
Period :
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Surf :
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Direction :

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