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Break/Beach Name : Gwithian

Photographer : Jen Lawry - Rider : Tim Palmer - location : Gwithian - Rating : 7

Surf Report for Gwithian

Description :
At the Far northly end of St Ives bay there's a set of beach breaks infront of a car park. Picks up loads of swell but affected by the wind easily.
Directions :
Park in Godrevey Car Park at the Northly end of St ives Bay.
Direction Beach Faces :
North West
Offshore Wind Direction :
South East
Best Swell Direction :
South West
Quality :
Best Tide :
Not High
Location :
St Ives

Photographs of Gwithian

Gwithian Gwithian
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3 Day Surf and Weather Forecast for Gwithian

Surf :
Period :
Direction :

Surf :
Period :
Direction :

Surf :
Period :
Direction :

Comments about  Gwithian

love it love it love it its my local!!!! and kicks ass
Made by : ot

Nice fun waves, beautiful views, however it suffers from a gaying influence from lots of Longboarders.
Made by : Cold Lampin, I'm cold cold lampin

Always had fun here except when the sewage overspilled from Gwithian village last year, good surf, plenty of room, usually very clean, unlike this web page.
Made by : BilgyBob

who ever sayd this place is shit is a cunt, its cool. strong, reaLLY STRONG current at the river mouth
Made by : sam the man

now this place is the shizzle long winding waves comfortable for all unless its 5-6ft you may need some expirience, nice area fat dunes, and its near halye pasty company who without out doubt do the finest feckin pastys ever!
Made by : ian gloucester

Oh yeah... it's not in St Ives but you get a pretty cool view of the bay from the Car Pak too if you like that kinda shit
Made by : BK

Sweet break, sometimes gets pretty big but can be choppy to...
Made by : Big Kahuna

if its that shite, i'd love to know where you lot ride it must be epic, ive been all round the world an its allright, it aint pipe but how many of you benders are man enough to admit you wouldnt ride it large?
Made by : el gwappo

Gwithian is not in st,ives because i live in st ive but it can be pretty sweet when it is working.
Made by : Jody Hartley

Gwithian and Godrevy hold some class waves, I've always had a good session at godrevy even when its onshore, super consistent banks create fun waves in most conditions unless its blowin a gale. Why don't you lot just chill out!! I suspect the people sayin its crap are either goons that can't surf or locals tryin to keep people away, all I say is grow up whichever you are. Ps don't be bringin that attitude up north, it ain't welcome. Peace!
Made by : Stealth Surfer

in th winter the waves picked up last year it was aright
Made by : kirk taylor

gwithian is the best beach on north coast if any one reads this watch out for portreth (hepititus)
Made by : maggot

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